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All appointments on the "Fall 2021 Face-to-Face" schedule will take place in person in the Writing Center, 101 HBC. 
Masks will be required in the Writing Center at all times throughout the fall semester to help ensure the health and safety of students and the Center's staff. 

Students who would prefer not to wear a mask during their appointment are encouraged to book a synchronous online or asynchronous online session.  

The Writing Center will also be offering synchronous online and asynchronous online appointments throughout the fall semester. 

appointments are particularly helpful for

  • Helping students understand an assignment sheet or prompt
  • Brainstorming
  • Outlining
  • Finding and working with sources
  • Talking through various higher-order concerns
  • As a form of peer review
  • Appointments available for individuals and small groups

To access your synchronous online appointment, you’ll need to log into the Center’s schedule
Once you’re logged in, select the synchronous online schedule.
Find your appointment on the synchronous online schedule (you’ll appear in bright Syracuse orange)
Click on your appointment; you should see a big red link that says “START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION


ASYNCHRONOUS appointments are particularly helpful for

  • Obtaining holistic, formative feedback on a draft
  • Receiving feedback on overall structure, clarity, and coherence
  • Receiving more detailed feedback on a final draft
  • As a form of written feedback, typically including both marginal and endnote comments

If you have additional questions or concerns, email the Writing Center at

All of the Writing Center's services will be offered in-person throughout Summer Sessions I and II. 

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