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All Writing Center services will be offered online this spring.
The Writing Center will offer synchronous and asynchronous online appointments from February 8th through May 19th.

The Center will not offer face-to-face appointments in spring 2021.

There are two ways you can obtain feedback from a Writing Center Consultant.

Appointments can be made on either the SYNCHRONOUS SCHEDULE or the ASYNCHRONOUS SCHEDULE. Users can be book 30 and 60-minute appointments up to a week in advance, and students can book up to two hours of synchronous appointments, along with a pair of asynchronous appointments, each week.

To access your appointment, you need to log into the schedule, click on your appointment, and then click on the link that says "START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION." Once you click on that link, your chat will open, with video and audio capabilities. 

Synchronous Schedule information:

Appointments on the synchronous schedule occur in real time and allow users to have an audio and video appointment with a Writing Center consultant. Using the Center’s scheduling system, you can meet a consultant online and collaborate in real time. These conferences occur at the specified time at which an appointment has been booked with a consultant. Users can attach their draft to a synchronous appointment, but they are not required to; moreover, a consultant will not be able to review a draft before an appointment begins.

Synchronous appointments can be made up to the time a given appointment is scheduled to begin.

Although user can participate in their synchronous appointment on numerous devices, we strongly encourage all be sessions be accessed on a laptop or desktop computer.

Synchronous appointments are particularly helpful for

  • Helping to understand an assignment sheet or prompt
  • Brainstorming
  • Outlining
  • Finding and working with sources
  • Talking through various higher-order concerns on a draft
  • Working on a rough or final draft



Asynchronous schedule information:

Appointments on the asynchronous schedule do not happen in real time. On the asynchronous schedule, users can book an appointment with a Writing Center consultant, submit a text when making that appointment, and receive feedback by the time that an appointment is scheduled to conclude.

When booking an asynchronous appointment, users will be prompted to upload a text and an assignment sheet (if applicable) for their consultant to review. Users must upload their draft when booking that appointment; if you are not ready to upload a document for review, wait to make an asynchronous appointment. 

Users should only upload Microsoft Wordocuments when creating an asynchronous appointment; you can link to a google doc in lieu of attaching a file, but you should ensure that the link you submit is public. Users can only upload a single text for review when booking an asynchronous appointment. Failing to properly upload a draft via WCOnline at the time when an appointment is scheduled will result in the appointment being cancelled.

Please also note that asynchronous appointments must be made at least four (4) hours in advance; this ensures that consultants have time to respond to a submission by the end of a scheduled appointment. You will receive formative feedback from a consultant by the date and time on which asynchronous session has been reserved. Feedback will be sent via an emailed client report form, but documents will also remain attached to a user's individual appointment.

ASYNCHRONOUS appointments are particularly helpful for

  • Obtaining holistic, formative feedback on a draft
  • Receiving feedback on overall structure, clarity, and coherence
  • Receiving more detailed feedback on a final draft
  • As a form of written feedback, typically including both marginal and endnote comments

Please contact Ben Erwin at bmerwin[at] with any questions about Writing Center policies or procedures.

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